Why Are Shiba Inus So Weird? (Explained)

If you’re just learning about Shiba Inus, you might have noticed their intriguing and often quirky behavior. This dog breed, known for its distinctive appearance and spirited personality, has captured the hearts of many.

But what exactly makes Shiba Inus stand out from other canine companions, and why do they seem to be, well, a bit weird?

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Why Are Shiba Inus So Weird?

With their fox-like face and curled tail, they stand out from other breeds. But it’s not just their looks that make them weird. They have some distinct personality traits that really set them apart.

One thing you can’t ignore is their independence. Shiba Inus are known for being stubborn and headstrong. You might find yourself in a battle of wills more often than with other dogs. While their fierce independence can be endearing, it can also be challenging, especially when training them.

Remember to be patient and persistent, working with their natural instincts instead of against them. Another peculiar trait of Shiba Inus is their so-called “Shiba scream.”

You heard that right – these fluffy pups have a signature dramatic yelp. They usually produce this high-pitched noise when they’re unhappy or frustrated, like during bath time or nail trimming. It can be quite surprising, but don’t worry, it’s normal for this expressive breed.

Have you ever heard of the term “cat-like” to describe a dog?

Well, that’s Shiba Inus for you. They’re incredibly clean animals and often groom themselves, much like cats do! They tend to be less drooly than other breeds, which might be a selling point for some people. Additionally, their agile, quiet nature makes them quite stealthy – again, much like their feline friends.

Finally, Shiba Inus are escape artists. They have a strong prey drive, which means they’ll take advantage of any opportunity to wander off and explore. A secure fence and attentive supervision are essential to keep your adventurous pup from disappearing.

How A Shiba’s Ancient Origins Lead Them To Do Weird Things

Shiba Inus Are Naturally Stubborn

You might wonder why your Shiba Inu is so stubborn. It’s actually due to their ancient origins. Bred as hunting dogs in Japan, Shiba Inus were meant to be independent, courageous, and have a strong sense of direction. This makes them naturally stubborn, as they needed to rely on their instincts rather than following commands.

Shibas Love To Stare And Judge

Ever notice a Shiba Inu giving you a judging stare? That’s another thing rooted in their ancient lineage. Originally bred to hunt foxes in Japan, Shibas had to be observant and focused. Their intense stare is a way of sizing up their surroundings, and they can’t help but give a judging look.

Shiba Inus Will Willingly Ignore Commands

As mentioned earlier, Shiba Inus are naturally stubborn, which can lead them to purposely ignore your commands. Given their independence, Shibas prefer to do things on their terms. This does not mean your Shiba doesn’t love you, they simply have a strong will.

Shibas Love To Zoom

A quirky Shiba behavior is their tendency to sprint around the house or yard, often called “zoomies“. This high-energy act can be traced back to their hunting roots. As hunting dogs, Shibas needed to be agile and energetic, able to chase after prey, and the zooms were their way of releasing pent-up energy.

Shiba Inus Love Being In Charge

Your Shiba may display an intense desire to be in charge. This likely stems from their breeding purpose as hunting dogs, which required them to take control of their own actions and decisions. They are not typically submissive dogs, and it’s important to establish a strong bond through consistent training.

Shibas Will Scream To Prove A Point

Shiba Inus are infamous for their “Shiba scream” – a piercing cry they let out when unhappy or when they want your attention. This unique form of communication can be alarming, but it’s just another one of their weird traits. Don’t get too worried; they just want to make sure you know how they feel.

Shiba Inus Love Their Airplane Ears

Shiba Inus are known for their cute and distinctive airplane ears. This is a distinct breed trait and not just an odd quirk. Make sure to admire your Shiba’s ears because they are an endearing part of their unique personality.

Training and Behavior

Training a Shiba Inu can be quite a unique experience. Like other dog breeds, they respond well to positive reinforcement, but they can also have a stubborn streak. So, it’s important to introduce training to your Shiba early on, using a casual tone and approach. Remember, sometimes it’s best to chill and let your Shiba learn at their own pace.

When training your Shiba, you might find that they can become possessive. For instance, when they grab something they’re not supposed to, they might resist giving it up and may even bite. To deal with this, try to “trade” with your Shiba Inu by offering a treat or toy in exchange for the item.

Another approach is to ignore them when they get too possessive, as they’ll eventually get bored and calm down. Despite their quirky behavior, Shiba Inus are considered a clever dog breed.

This intelligence can sometimes make them more challenging to train. They may try to take control during training sessions, so it’s essential to establish yourself as the leader. Be consistent with your commands, and don’t let your Shiba manipulate you into giving in.

When it comes to obedience training, make sure to treat your Shiba Inu nicely and use passive training methods. By doing so, you’ll encourage them to follow your commands without feeling threatened. Practice off-leash control in a safe and enclosed area, so your Shiba gets used to obeying while not being physically restrained.

Keep in mind that every Shiba Inu is different, so some may require more time and patience in their training. Stay persistent, and eventually, you’ll be able to form a strong bond with your quirky, lovable companion.

Health and Activities

Shiba Inus are energetic and active dogs with a rather peculiar and unique temperament. They often exhibit some weird behaviors that might leave you asking questions. However, understanding the traits behind these behaviors can help you manage and enjoy your time with them.

Shiba Inus are known for being stubborn, cunning, and sometimes manipulative. Their possessiveness and natural instinct to chase small games might make them appear aggressive, but with proper training and positive reinforcements, they can be a playful and loyal companion.

Keep in mind that Shiba Inus are intelligent dogs and can quickly get bored, so engaging them in various games and activities can be essential to their happiness. Make sure to avoid physical punishment and stick with verbal commands when training them.

Just like any other dog breed, Shiba Inus should get a regular walk and exercise to maintain their health. They are energetic, which means they enjoy activities and running, but be cautious as they might attempt to run away. It’s not uncommon for Shiba Inus to be suspicious of strangers, but this can also be an indicator of their loyalty to you.

Health-wise, issues aren’t uncommon for Shibas, such as anxiety or fear, which may trigger unusual behaviors. By managing these issues as early as possible, you’ll promote a happy and calm environment for both you and your pup.

Pay attention to the signs of discomfort and displeasure to ensure their well-being. Also, don’t overlook their grooming needs, as they can help prevent potential health issues.

If you’re considering adopting a Shiba Inu, remember to research their characteristics thoroughly, so you know what to expect. By spending time getting to know your puppy and observing their behaviors, you’ll understand their unique traits and provide them with a healthier and more fulfilled life.


The Shiba Inu is a lovable paradox, marked by independence yet loyalty, quirkiness yet charm. Its peculiarities are part of its allure, giving the breed a distinctive place in the hearts of dog lovers.

Embrace the weirdness, and you’ll find a playful, loyal friend who’s anything but ordinary. Remember, knowing your Shiba well is the key to a fulfilling relationship, so spend time observing and understanding their unique traits, and enjoy the vibrant energy they bring into your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Shiba Inus So Dramatic?

Shiba Inus have a unique personality with a temperament that can be described as dramatic. Their expressive looks and actions may sometimes come across as charming and quirky. Their drama queen attitude can be attributed to their independent nature and strong instincts, making them both casual yet rebellious.

Why Don’t Shiba Inus Like To Cuddle?

Shibas are known for being more aloof than other dog breeds and don’t require constant physical contact, but they still show loyalty and affection in their own ways, such as staying nearby and being protective.

How Intelligent Are Shibas?

Shiba Inus are intelligent and curious dogs that require mental stimulation. While they can be challenging to train, teaching them discipline can be a rewarding experience. Patience is key when working with this sometimes stubborn breed.

Why Are Shibas So Dramatic?

As mentioned earlier, Shibas can be dramatic due to their strong instincts and independence. Their expressive nature, combined with their intelligence and curiosity, can make their actions seem exaggerated. This may come across as suspicious or weird to some, but it’s all part of their unique charm.

Do Shibas Like Being Picked Up?

Shibas may not enjoy being picked up and prefer personal space. Respect their boundaries and understand aloofness as part of their temperament. To build a strong bond, embrace their quirky personality traits.

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