About Us

Hello guys, My name is Colby, and I Welcome all of you to my blog where I share everything I have both learned or researched while raising Faith, my four-legged best friend. 

I grew up with pets and always wanted one of my own, but I could never decide what exactly I was looking for. Fast forward a few years and I decide it’s time to get serious about finding a furry friend of my own. I got opinions from my friends and family then went and did some research on my own, but in the end, I still couldn’t find a puppy that was right for me. 

So I shelved the idea for a few weeks as I transitioned jobs, but I would occasionally browse and see what was available in my spare time.

One day while getting ready for work it happened. I found a puppy that immediately caught my eye, a black and tan shiba inu named Faith. Knowing I was leaving for work soon I bookmarked her information and went on with my shift. I got home, changed, and checked to see if she was still available, and thankfully she was.

After several days I was finally able to get her home and introduce her to my family. I knew enough from research and my past experience that I needed some basic supplies and routines but that’s where my knowledge stopped.

It became very clear after the first few days I had a mountain of work to do with her and that’s where this website comes in. There were several questions or issues I had that wouldn’t have a clear answer if I found an answer at all.

My main goal with this blog is to share the information I learned as I raised and trained Faith. I’m not a vet or a professional by any means, I’m just a regular guy who does his best to keep his dog both happy and healthy.