How To Manage Your Shiba Inus Teething (Beginners Guide)

The most difficult thing my Shiba Inu has put me through was her teething face. Where she would scream at and chew on literally anything she could get her mouth on.

Teething is an intensely painful three to six month phase of every Shiba Inu’s life, starting when they’re between two to three months old. Your Shiba will bark, bite, and chew on more things than they did before. Freezable teething toys are the best way to relieve your Shiba’s teething pains.

With the dreaded teething phase being such a nightmare, it’s best to prepare and fully understand what you’re in for. Everything I’ve been able to learn, primarily through experience, is shared below.

teething shiba inu puppy

Signs Your Shiba Inu Puppy Is Teething

While teething is a frustrating time for all involved there is one upside, it’s obvious. Teething isn’t something your Shiba will be able to hide and commonly shows as:

  • Crying or whining
  • Drooling
  • Excessive chewing or nipping
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Slower-than-normal eating
  • Small blood spots on your dog’s toys

If you notice your puppy’s teeth are crooked or broken you should contact your vet immediately. Sometimes they’re just loose and are about to fall out, while at worse they need to be professionally removed. Please keep this in mind while your Shiba Inu is teething.

How Long Does Teething Last In Puppies?

Puppies undergo an intense teething process that starts when they’re two or three months old and typically lasts until they’re five to eight months of age. Purpose-made teething toys, ice cubes, and frozen carrots can help relieve puppy teething pain.

Do Puppies Cry A Lot When Teething?

Puppies will whine and cry more while teething. Teething is a long and excruciatingly painful phase of every puppy’s life that drives their sensitive gums crazy. You should also be ready for your puppy to be quick to snap and bite due to the excess stress and irritation of teething.

Does Freezing Puppy Toys Help With Teething?

While freezing your Shiba’s regular toys won’t help relieve their teething pains much, toys specifically made to be frozen will. Freezable teething toys, like this freezable Nylabone toy I got on Amazon, helped relieve my puppy’s pain in moments.

What Can I Freeze For My Puppy To Chew On?

Apples (seedless), bananas, carrots, freezable teething toys, peaches (pitless), strawberries, and zucchini are safe to freeze, dice, and give to your puppy. Just be sure they’re easy enough for your puppy to chew on and that you’ve removed any stems, seeds, pits, and peels.

Can You Give Dogs Ice Cubes For Teething?

Ice cubes, or freezable teething toys, help dull your puppy’s teething pains. That cold feeling they get from the toy soothes their aching gums, helping improve their mood. Frozen toys, or ice cubes, are also an excellent option for redirecting your teething puppy’s destructive chewing.

Do Frozen Carrots Help Teething Puppies?

Carrots are full of amazing vitamins and minerals your puppy needs and are even better teething aids when they’re frozen. Make sure you cut frozen carrots into smaller chunks that are easier for your puppy to handle. It makes their life easy and reduces the risk of them choking on them.

Can I Give My Puppy Frozen Banana?

Peeled, diced, and frozen bananas are a fantastic treat and teething aid for puppies. Bananas are high in vitamins like potassium, biotin, copper, and even fiber. It’s safe to give your puppy frozen banana chunks directly or stuff a larger piece into a Kong to keep your puppy busy.

Summary Of Teething Shiba Inu Puppies

Most Shiba Inus will start teething around the two-month mark, typically ending between five to eight months of age. That three to six-month time window is a frustrating nightmare every Shiba Inu puppy owner, unfortunately, has to go through.

So it’s best to prepare ahead of time. You should know your Shiba Inu puppy will bark, bite, and randomly chew more than they ever have before. Sometimes more than they ever will for the rest of their lives.

Teething-specific toys are great for protecting your Shiba’s delicate gums, along with your precious house and home. Freezable toys, or treats, tend to do the best. That cold chill your puppy gets while chewing soothes their aching gums and usually brightens up their mood in a matter of minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Common For Shibas To Misbehave While Teething?

It’s not uncommon for Shiba Inu puppies to misbehave more than usual while teething. Most puppies go through phases of increased salivation, loss of appetite, and heightened irritation. Expect your Shiba to nip, bite, and cry more than usual.

How Do I Get My Shiba Puppy To Stop Biting?

Most puppy biting is a sign of attention-seeking behavior when your Shiba Inu puppy wants or needs something from you. That something could be food, to play, or for help with their teething pains. Regular play sessions and age-appropriate toys help minimize excess puppy biting.

How Do You Punish A Puppy For Biting?

Most puppies bite for attention or due to teething pain. Negative forms of discipline like yelling, hitting, or grabbing your puppy will make them more aggressive as they grow up. Instead of punishing a puppy for biting you should look to redirect their behavior from you to an appropriate chew toy.

What Medicine Can I Give My Puppy For Teething Pain?

There are a handful of effective pain meds for puppies but I highly recommend you double-check with your vet before you medicate your puppy. You want to make sure they won’t trigger any allergies, conflict with any current medication your puppy is currently taking, and that your vet deems them safe.

Can You Give Puppies Tylenol For Teething?

You should never give a teething puppy over-the-counter medicine, like Tylenol, for teething pains. While everyday painkillers like Tylenol are safe for people they are toxic and dangerous for puppies. You should contact your vet if you’d like to get medicine for your teething puppy.

Colby Adkins

I am a proud Shiba Inu owner who is just looking to share any tips, tricks, or advice I have to help others.

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