Do Shiba Inus Make Good Family Pets? (Explained)

With all the talk about how stubborn Shiba Inus can be it’s hard to figure out if they make good family pets or not.

Shiba Inus are loyal companions that are curious, playful, and love being a part of everything happening at home. Making Shiba Inus excellent family pets. They’re even good with small children, but be sure to properly socialize your pup and lay some ground rules for everyone to follow.

While they aren’t perfect, this high-energy breed can make amazing family pets if people just gave them a chance. Let me explain.

8 Qualities That Make Shiba Inus Good Family Dogs

Shiba Inus are an amazing breed that’s full of quirks, energy, and affection for those who make them a part of the family. But with all the bad you may hear about Shibas as a whole it can be hard to see what makes them good family dogs. So I’ve shared what I’ve been able to learn about this breed from research, talking to other owners, and my own personal experience raising a Shiba Inu puppy.

1) Alert

Shiba Inus are an ancient hunting breed that was bred to be intelligent and highly alert. Their alert nature makes them an excellent deterrent or warning to would-be intruders. Their loud barks and screams are loud enough to get nearly anyone’s attention. Making them excellent family watchdogs. But due to their size, they don’t make great watchdogs.

2) Affection

While Shiba Inus aren’t known for being the most openly affectionate dog, that doesn’t mean they aren’t loving. Shiba Inus form close bonds with their person and the people around them. Leading them to be incredibly loyal and affectionate to anyone they see as family.

3) Child Friendly

This medium-sized breed is smart, affectionate, and playful. Making them amazing family dogs who do great with kids. They usually prefer older kids but are right at home playing with any family member.

4) High Energy

Kids have a lot of energy, and it’s nice having a pet that can match their chaotic levels of neverending energy. Shibas are a playful, intelligent, high-energy breed that loves running around and being in the middle of the action. They’re right at home playing with children. 

5) Intelligence

While stubborn, Shibas are smart. Making them great pets to teach different tricks, flips, and commands. Just be sure you’re able to get their attention. Most Shiba Inu owners struggle to train them due to a lack of focus, this breed gets bored easily. So if you’re able to get their attention and keep it, you’re good to go.

6) Loyalty

This stubborn and independent breed is more loyal than you’d think. If you train, raise, and socialize a Shiba Inu properly they’ll become lifelong companions that are both loyal and highly affectionate towards their person, and their family.

7) Size

Shiba Inus are a medium-sized breed that is the perfect size to live in a full-sized house, regular townhouse, or even a small apartment. Just be sure they get plenty of daily play and exercise to keep them happy, healthy, and busy.

8) Temperament

The right pet can make an amazing addition to any family and home, and The loyal Shiba Inu may be a good fit for you. But you should take some extra time to make sure you know what you’re getting into with this breed. They aren’t bad, but they can be frustrating to train and socialize if you don’t plan and prepare accordingly.

Is A Shiba Inu Right For You?

Shiba Inus are loyal and loving while also infamously being stubborn and independent. Shiba Inus make great family dogs but fare better with older more independent children. Shiba Inus are also better behaved when they’ve been given enough physical and mental stimulation throughout the day.

This greatly decreases the odds of them getting bored and randomly chewing on things around the house. While small and energetic, Shiba Inus can make great apartment pets. Meaning they may be a good fit for you if you are willing to get through the more difficult training and socializing phases.

Overall this breed is alert, energetic, playful, smart, strong-willed, and vocal but commonly struggles with aggression and poor social skills. Both of which training and regular socializing can remedy this.

Common Bad Behaviors

While Shiba Inus are generally well-behaved they are stubborn and will openly ignore you and your commands. But that isn’t the only problem you may face while raising a Shiba Inu, some other common bad behaviors include:

Shiba Inu Puppies vs Adults 

If you are considering a Shiba Inu as your next family pet you may be asking yourself “should I get a puppy or an adult Shiba Inu?”. Personally, I recommend you start with a puppy when possible. Adult dogs are great but it can be harder to bond and socialize them, depending on if they have any ingrained bad habits. It’s a personal preference, not an objective answer. I’ve had plenty of luck socializing, training, and bonding with older pets.

Summary Of If Shiba Inus Make Good Family Dogs

Shiba Inus can make amazing family pets if you plan ahead. These dogs aren’t the “people-pleasing” type, they’re smart and stubborn at the same time. And just like that coworker who isn’t willing to help unless there’s something in it for them, you’ll want to know what you’re getting into before getting your own Shiba Inu.

These intelligent, high-energy, ancient hunting dogs thrive on habits, long walks, and tons of play. They also appreciate love, respect, and consistency. So if you’ve done your own research to come up with a training or potty schedule to get things going, you’re in for a smooth ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Shiba Inus Get Attached To One Person?

Shiba Inus typically form one tight-knit special bond with their person. That attachment may not show when they’re a puppy but it’ll become more apparent as they grow and mature. While that one bond is special, that doesn’t mean they’ll only bond and get along with a single person.

Are Shibas Good House Dogs?

Shiba Inus do well in homes and apartments alike. The deciding factor in “how well” they do depends on how much exercise and mental stimulation they get throughout the day. This intelligent breed gets bored very easily, resulting in most problems owners struggle with.

Are Shiba Inu Dogs Good With Kids?

Shiba Inus are generally tolerant and patient with younger kids for a time, before walking off to do their own thing. Proper training and socializing will help with this, but Shibas are still generally independent and stubborn. Making them a better fit for families with older kids.

Colby Adkins

I am a proud Shiba Inu owner who is just looking to share any tips, tricks, or advice I have to help others.

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